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Rise Above Your Depression with TMS!


One of the most significant advances in the treatment of depression is now at MCA!  Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an FDA approved, non-pharmaceutical and effective treatment for depression.  It's time to feel better, so let us show you how.  Call 262.241.7778 or visit us at

I am a psychiatrist who practices from a patient-centered collaborative perspective, using the bio-psycho-social-existential/spiritual model.  What the heck does that mean?  It means I am a medical doctor who helps patients in the areas of thoughts, feelings, and actions.  Whether working with children and adolescents and their families or adults, I believe the only way for me to help my patients is to do my best to understand their experience through empathy.  While a big part of my job is prescribing medications, this is not where the story ends.  I work with patients to support their recovery in four key areas:

  • Biolgoical – medications, medical/laboratory tests, collaborating with other health providers, related medical conditions, health promotion/nutrition/wellness, physical activity, etc
  • Psychological – building awareness of and understanding on our thoughts and feelings and their patterns
  • Social – important relationships, occupational and academic concerns,  community, etc
  • Existential/Spiritual – personal faith, values, morals, meaning, etc.  

Coming to a psychiatrist can be a difficult for many people and emotional struggles can be very challenging, but almost invariably, when we work together in good faith to build a trusting relationship, my patients see steady improvements over time.  I believe being a physician is a calling and a privilege and I take it quite seriously, but I’ve yet to work with a patient with whom I can’t have a laugh.