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Patricia A. Flanagan, PhD

I am a  licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Wisconsin, and have worked as a psychologist in private practice in the Milwaukee area for nine years. Before receiving my PhD, I worked for nine years as a licensed professional counselor in outpatient community mental health, inpatient, and group outpatient settings.  I earned my PhD in Clinical Psychology at UW- Milwaukee, and completed my doctoral internship at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Division.  My doctoral dissertation examined how parents deal with their children’s expressions of negative emotion, and I continue to have a strong interest in helping people improve their ability to deal with strong negative emotions.  

As a therapist, I have a warm, relaxed, non-judgmental style, and share my thoughts and feelings about the issues we discuss.  During our first meeting, we will review your life history and current concerns, and, if we decide to continue working together, begin to collaborate on a plan for how to do that. We will decide together over time how often and how many times to meet.  Ideally, we meet steadily or sometimes off and on until your goals for therapy are met.  When this doesn’t happen, I am always willing to help with a referral to another provider.  

I don’t always take the same approach to a problem, but I usually start out looking at things in a supportive, client-centered, cognitive-behavioral way-- working with you at your pace to understand and sometimes change feelings, thoughts, and behavior to meet your goals.  We usually focus more on life “here and now,” and discuss the past as needed to help us understand the present and provide direction.  Because the relationship between therapist and client is more important than any “technique” used in therapy, I will encourage you to talk openly and often about your thoughts and feelings about how therapy is going.

My interests include anxiety (generalized anxiety, panic, agoraphobia, social anxiety, and somatic anxiety), mood disorders (depression, persistent depression, and bipolar disorder), loss and grief, life transitions, middle-age and older adults,  relationship issues, divorce adjustment, women’s issues, young adult identity (especially shyness and introversion), and anger management.  I am also interested in mindfulness and meditation, and in coordinating care with holistic (e.g., nutrition) and integrative approaches.


B.S., Psychology, summa cum laude, St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA

M.A., Counseling Psychology, Boston College

M.S. and PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Professional Affiliations

Wisconsin Psychological Association

American Psychological Association

American Counseling Association

National Register of Health Service Psychologists