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Alison Kravit, PsyD

In terms of ADHD, she offers services in the area of diagnosis, therapeutic interventions for co-morbid conditions (other conditions occurring at the same time), referrals to medication prescribers that understand ADHD throughout the lifespan, and ADHD Life Coaching. A one (or two if you need a medication prescribing physician) stop ADHD treatment shop!

In her private practice, she is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in treatment and management of diagnoses such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, and Asperger’s Syndrome. The practitioners at our clinic frequently refer patients to her for psychological evaluations in order to clarify diagnoses, understand possible barriers to progress in therapy, and provide insight regarding how emotions affect one’s ability to cope effectively with stress. She is also a younger practitioner, and is very casual in my approach, which some people find helpful.

ADHD Coaching is a newer specialty of hers, and she received her accreditation through the ADD Coach Academy Accredited Coach Training Program. She has a unique perspective when it comes to ADHD; having been married to an adult with ADHD, treating patients with ADHD, working as a School Psychologist one day per week setting up academic interventions for children with ADHD, and having many friends and acquaintances outside of work who have been diagnosed with ADHD! She fully understands the impact this can have on relationships and communication, as well as the frustrations that come with the inconsistencies in performance across settings. Her life experiences, coupled with her formal training and expertise, has been very useful in helping patients and clients overcome the challenges that having ADHD creates with tools, interventions, and strategies tailored to an individual’s specific concerns, style of learning, strengths, and challenges.

Dr. Kravit is very excited you have chosen her to walk with you on this path to achieving your goals and getting what you want to get out of life! Thank you for letting her be a part of your successes!

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