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Amanda V. Harris, PsyD

Dr. Amanda V. Harris received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Midwestern University in Downers Grove, IL, in August 2019. Dr. Harris has provided individual and group therapy in several university counseling centers, as well as performed psychological testing in both inpatient and outpatient settings. At Mequon Clinical Associates, Dr. Harris provides individual therapy to adolescent and young adults, as well as psychological testing to individuals across the lifespan.

Dr. Harris identifies as a generalist, however she has specialized skills in the treatment of trauma-related disorders, specifically in the areas of child abuse, sexual violence, and intimate partner violence. When addressing trauma-related concerns, she helps clients to develop effective coping skills to manage reactions to triggers, creates a safe and trusting environment that allows clients to explore and process their experiences, and empowers clients to engage in evidence-based techniques that reduce feelings of shame and guilt. Dr. Harris understands the importance of helping clients to feel whole, and believes that this is the ultimate goal of trauma treatment and recovery. In addition to this area of practice, Dr. Harris has extensive training and experience in treating Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety disorders, women’s issues, grief and loss, relationship concerns, and low self-esteem.

Dr. Harris draws from a relational perspective, and therefore feels that distress can be reduced by helping clients to form a healthier connection with themselves, as well as their support system, including family members, friends, and partners. She truly believes that the therapeutic alliance helps to facilitate change in her client’s lives, and therefore prioritizes and works to create an empathetic and nonjudgmental environment. Ultimately, Dr. Harris challenges clients to reach their therapeutic goals, while continuing to offer support to them throughout their journey.

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