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In addition to providing comprehensive and compassionate clinical service, clinicians at MCA have also published a wide array of books and articles. Ranging from how to support families during loss of a loved one, to articles in academic journals, the impact of their work extends beyond the therapeutic hour. Yet, even with such a wide range of interests, the thread that ties each of them together is a underlying theme of empowering others to take control of their lives and feel better in the process.

Words From The Heart Written by Eric Weiner, MFT, Ph.D. serves as a support guide to assist families during a time of loss and how best to make respectful and sound decisions when dealing with wills and estates. As Dr. Weiner has stated, “For several years now, I have been giving presentations on the topic of ethical wills. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy learning a way to add meaning and clarity to inheritance and future wealth planning? But where a traditional will emphasizes passing on money, possessions, real estate, a stock, bond or mutual fund portfolio, and other assets, an ethical will allows you to pass on your values, life stories, and blessings. Audiences light up when they hear about a tool that adds something meaningful to those otherwise static, dry legal documents that over-rely on the use of tax accounting and legal language. Ethical wills complement personal and family legacy and wealth planning using the language of hope and immortality. This is the kind of talk that inspires and motivates people to write. There is usually just one problem–for most people, the writing itself can be intimidating because they don’t know where to start. I wrote this guide as a workbook for everyone who wants to write an ethical will, but may not know how. I sincerely hope you enjoy this guide and the personal life-enriching process it may awaken within you.”

For Jews, Yom Kippur’s Message Fits Well with Writing Ethical Wills Author Annysa Johnson featuring quote from Eric Weiner, PhD. Pushished in the Journal Sentinal.

Everything You Never Knew About the ADHD Brain Author: Alison Kravit, PsyD & published in ADDitude Magazine

The Intersection Model for Explaining ADHD to Clients Author: Alison Kravit, PsyD

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